House rules for shared kitchens

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You have now moved in at the Kalundborg Dormitory with a shared kitchen. This means that you will share the kitchen with up to 20 people.


Together with your tenancy agreement you got a copy of the House Rules i.e., the general guidelines for all residents at the dormitory. The document gives you a general information as to your duties in relation to the other residents and the dormitory as such. E.g., to avoid too much noise, you should not play high music at certain moments of the day. These rules are made to make sure that everybody shows consideration for all residents at the dormitory. Breach of the house rules may lead to complaints from other residents. Please note that complaints are taken seriously, which means that repeated breaches of the house rules may lead to immediate termination of your tenancy.



As a resident of a shared kitchen, you are obliged not to be a nuisance to the persons sharing the same kitchen. Consequently, please note the following:

  • All kitchens have a kitchen fund, where money is used for various kitchen equipment (e.g., paper towels, detergents, detergent tablets for the dishwasher, greaseproof paper) and maybe a newspaper. The monthly contribution is DKK 20, drawn on the rent and transferred to the hallway’s treasurer.

  • The cleaning job varies from one kitchen to the other. In some kitchens each individual resident has a specific duty to take care of, but in most cases, the residents take turn to do the job. The hallway and the stairway (one floor down) should be vacuumed and thoroughly washed once a week. If you can foresee the fact that you will not be home the week of your job, please arrange for a change as soon as possible – if not there sure is a risk that you become unpopular. The number of tasks also varies from one kitchen to another.

  • Washing-up. In general, you could say about the kitchens that a major irritant is residents that do not do the washing-up. You may be busy and think that one glass could perhaps just be there until the next morning but imagine 20 persons thinking in that way ….
  • Parties and guests. Of course, you can use the kitchen for a party, but put a note on the door a few days ahead of the event to make your hallway aware of this. Clean the kitchen the same night in order that people do not have to share their breakfast with leftovers and empty bottles.

These rules were not made to make your life miserable. On the contrary, we want to ensure the good spirit and social cohesion in the shared kitchens based on mutual respect and consideration. In some kitchens they arrange kitchen meetings at regular intervals. At kitchen meetings discussions can be had about topics like the standard of cleaning and which newspaper to subscribe to and when to arrange the next kitchen party.

It is not just a simple thing to share the kitchen with 20 persons – but it is a great thing when it all works out well.

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